Have you been thinking about doing a dining room makeover but keep getting stuck? Or maybe you were inspired by a recent design and want to try it yourself but don't know where to start? Then this post is perfect for you! Take a look through this gallery of 9 gorgeous dining room styles and get inspired to get started on your own project.

Scroll down and pick out your favorites!

Dining Room 1

This dining rooms walls and floor are an incredible contrast with the rug and all the natural lighting filling the room is so beautiful! The dining set centered perfectly in the room gives the space a strong focal point and balance.

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Dining Room 2

A little bit of glamour and a bit of country/rustic. How incredible does this space look! I love the chandelier and the warm, neutral color scheme. 

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Dining Room 3

What a great way to style a bench and bring some warmth into a space with a lot of white. Another great styling idea is to feature two end chairs with a unique deisgn to make your table stand out!

Dining Room 4

Here we have a bunch of different styles all complimenting each other beautifully. The traditional pieces such as the upholstered end chair and oak table are offset by contemporary clear chairs and a sophisticated striped rug.

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Dining Room 5

Pure glamour is the only way to describe this space! All the oversized chrome pieces make the ultimate statement and how plush do those chairs look!?

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Dining Room 6

This dining room is so charming! I love the hints of rustic with the worn table and chair set and how they brought the outodoors in with the greenery and tons of natural lighting. 

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Dining Room 7

What a stunning deisgn idea with this modern, contemporary dining room. My favorite part? The chandeliers of course!

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Dining Room 8

I saved the best for last with this calming, lavendar dining room idea. I love how open and inviting the space feels and the lighting is absolutely stunning. The floral centerpieces pull the whole look together.

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Well there you go, 9 inspiring ideas to help you get started on your own dining room!

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