Space in Toronto is expensive and costs are at a premium.   On a daily basis we meet customers looking for “the” solution to organizing a smaller space.  Closets in condos and apartments are notoriously shallow. Other than renting a storage unit, there are not a lot of options for storing your stuff. What people need is multi-use furniture that take up less of the overall footprint but are still stylish and functional.

While choosing apartment furniture, go for multifunctional furnitures. At the beginning these options are the best you can do to make the most of your small space. Do not pick bulky furniture that may make your rooms look cramped and cluttered. Choose furnishings of the right size and options that lighten up the space.

Here are our some space saver Ideas:

1. Storage Beds – offer great storage solutions.  Your entire linen closet can fit under a storage bed.  

2. Benches, Ottomans & Couches with Storage. Consider oversized ottomans that are used as a coffee table - some of them you open up and it's almost another closet.  Always purchase furniture items that have more built in storage – a few extra drawers can take a lot of the daily clutter out of sight.

3. Go for Big Art Pieces - Are you too keen to adorn those empty walls of your room with paintings or other personal designs? Well, the idea should be to create an illusion of something bigger in a small area. You can choose a piece of art that also creates a division to your apartment or for a particular corner or a wall. Instead of hanging three to four small frames on a wall, exaggerate the photo prints to give more depth to your wall. And don’t forget large mirrors can offer the same illusion of bigger space and depth.  Keep your eye open for a space in your home that can host a large mirror and increase the space “illusion”.

4. Flooring is another area not to overlook.  Area rugs create “space definition” for specific purposes i.e. home office without closing in the area which makes small space well, smaller.  Whether you stay light and neutral, or go for the fun quotient and choose something flamboyant, area rugs can create better flow within your space and of course create an element of cozy.   


As someone who has recently downsized – purge – if you haven’t used it in a year – give it away or donate it to a worthwhile charity. Why keep escargot plates when you’ve never made escargot?  As I watched box, after box, being hauled into my new space I came to one conclusion; “I have too much stuff” and as I personally look for things to purge to new homes I am going to use this list to start getting lean and organized. 

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