When it comes to choosing furniture some people are very comfortable while others stare at a blank wall wondering where to start.  If you have the means you could hire a designer and let them do the job for you – but that is expensive and will it truly represent you – or will it be some version of you that you would like to be?  Home furniture is like fashion in many ways – it is your opportunity to show the world – or your nearest and dearest who you are in your “nest “.  When your friends say your home space is what they expected or what they didn’t – there is some fun and joy and in that.  BUT where do you begin? 

At InSyle Home & Rugs we are offering you the best of both – our design consultants will take the time to ask the critical questions and help you figure out what will work in your space.  We are interested in helping you create a home that is cozy, warm and truly represents you.  AND, we will do this by keeping your bottom line budget in mind.  We know that if we meet your needs in your living room – we will be your go-to company when you are making changes in other places in your home. 

Keep us in mind no matter your style or size of space.  We specialize in large home and condo living and everything in between.  Don’t see your special style in one of our stores or online – call us – tell us what you seek – we specialize in sourcing those special pieces.

Let us know how we can help and we will be with you every step of the way. 

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