Cavalli Accent Chair

Regular Price $589.00 Special Price $459.00
Sit in the seat of luxury with this elegant and refined accent chair. Upholstered in ultra-soft and plush velvet, you'll be ensconced in a rich and cushiony feeling, so exquisite you may just not want to get back up! Crafted to ensure both style and comfort, this chair pulls out all the stops with delicate, yet plentiful details that make it a true work of art. From the ornate crystal studding, the folded tufting that comes together in a stylish diamond pattern, to the clear sturdy acrylic chair legs that will make you both look and feel as if you were just floating without a worry in the world, this chair is as comfortable as it is chic. Finished off with piping details and accent ring on the back, this piece is sure to be a show stopper from any angle. Perfect for a splash of bling in your living room, bedroom, or even around a dining table - that will really get your guests talking! Ultra soft, velvet upholstery Crystal-studded, folded tufting in a diamond pattern. Dimensions; 20.75 x 26.50 x 40.50"H Thick, sturdy, clear acrylic legs Piping detail on back of chair and chrome-finished accent ring. Approximate weight capacity is 300 lbs
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