Lady Round Dining Table

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13- Lady Table
Lady Round dining table demonstrates refined design features with its chrome plated round pedestal base. It is offered in three different heights and several different glass top size options. The Lady Tables are modern, minimalist and effortlessly chic in any space. Crafted from stainless steel and paired with a tempered glass top, the Lady Table creates a sleek, modern look that will always be in style. Available in a wide rage of sizes, the Lady tables allow you to customize a table to fit your room size and desired function. This table is the "real thing" with heavier base and thicker glass. Dimensions: Lady Round Dining: H 30" Glass Top Diameter 28"- 32"- 36"- 40" or 32" x 32" square Lady Round Counter: H 36" Glass Top Diameter 28"- 32” - 32" x 32" square Lady Round Bar: H 42" Glass Top Diameter 28"- 32”- 32" x 32" square Round Base: Diameter 19"
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